Koha with Class

Koha with Class

Overview: Koha with Class

Free ILS for library school classrooms

LibLime's Koha with Class Initiative is designed to give library students hands-on experience with library automation software and open source.

Building on the success of a pilot program at Texas Woman's University in 2006, Koha with Class provides library school classrooms with a hosted installation of Koha, the most advanced open-source integrated library automation system, free of charge.

Hands On Learning

Next-generation librarians want to know how library technology works. They know they are training to be information warriors, responsible for leading their communities through a labyrinth of rapidly evolving technology. They want to see the roads of 'library stuff' and 'technology stuff' converge so that librarians can remain the experts in finding and organizing all that information that governs and enriches our lives.

We believe that the important work of the future librarian begins with play. Future librarians must have the freedom to play with library technology, to see it from the inside, and yes, even the freedom to make it better.

Participation in the Koha with Class project provides an incredible learning tool for students taking coursework in library information studies. Future librarians can learn about library technology using Koha--the world's first and most mature open-source integrated library system. They also get to participate in Koha's global community and learn about open-source systems.

Worldwide Participation

Any college or university--anywhere in the world--currently offering a program in Library and Information Studies/Technology may apply.

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